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Angie's List? It's Not What You Think It Is ...

... the first thought that came to my mind was that this [Angie's List] was just another glamorized form of the yellow pages. But since ...


"Ever Heard Of Angie's List?"

Do you need a home improvement contractor who is dependable and can get the job done within the planned schedule? How about a gardener who can landscape your garden and keep it beautiful? So what do you do when you need these services?

We usually ask family, friends, and neighbors first to find out if they can recommend someone for the job. In cases wherein they do not know of anyone to recommend, our next option although not necessarily the best is the yellow pages. Others go to craigslist or do some endless searches on internet forums for recommendations.

Of course we've heard of Angie's List but had never really seriously considered it at all.

One time, my husband and I were talking to a friend of ours about doing some home improvements and mentioned that we might need some contractors. Of course, the conversation lead me to ask whether she might know of someone for the job. The unfortunate answer was a "no" but she added ... "ever heard of Angie's List?"        

Of course we've heard of Angie's List but had never really seriously considered it at all. In fact, when I had first heard of Angie's List before, the first thought that came to my mind was that this was just another glamorized form of the yellow pages. But since she brought this back to our attention, we thought ... what the heck, we might as well look more into it.

With our trusty PC and blazing fast internet connection, we did some research on the internet and this is what we found out.

What You'll Find On This Online Resource

With over a million paying subscribers all over the US, Angie's List has been providing user-driven report cards on services in cities (big and small) all across the United States.

Angie's List homepage

Angie's List was created by Angie Hicks back in 1995. When she moved to Columbus, Ohio that year, she was frustrated with the difficulty of finding contractors to use for home repairs and improvements. Angie decided to go door-to-door within her neighborhood and among friends to collect consumer reviews. Eventually, this list of consumer reviews grew and gained popularity. During her first year, Angie had 1,000 members throughout Columbus. Today, Angie's List serves cities and communities all over the US and their list of service categories and memberships just keeps on growing.

Angie's List has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the US. Angie’s List was named to the Inc. 500, Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the US for three consecutive years (2002, 2003 and 2004). On November 17, 2011, the company became public and now trades on NASDAQ (ticker symbol: ANGI).

Company: Angie's List

Address: 1030 E. Washington Street Indianapolis, IN 46202

No. of Members: +1,200,000 members


Watch the video and learn more about Angie's List

Here are more details on the service.

» You will find thousands of unbiased ratings of service companies and health care professionals in 450 categories on the site.

» You will have 24 hr./7 days a week access to reviews and ratings from members in your area about local service providers, ranging from painters and electricians to dentists and dermatologists.

» Members rate service providers an overall grade from A to F, just like a school report card.

Sample Angie's List Ratings Report Card

» Service providers are rated based on the following criteria: price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism.

» Before reviews are posted, these are all checked in order to guard against providers and companies that try to report on themselves or their competitors. This process was reviewed and approved during a 2009 audit by BPA Worldwide.

» You can also call live support whenever you have questions.

» You get access to a complaint resolution team.

» You get discounts from highly rated service companies.



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How To Use Angie's List

Whenever you need a plumber, roofer, electrician, auto mechanic, landscaper or any other type of service company, you have the option to go directly to their site or contact them by phone. Most people use the site, which is available 24 hours/seven days a week, because of its convenience and user-friendly features. Scroll below for screenshots of an actual search process .

The search process on the site is very simple to use. By providing your criteria or parameters, you will then receive the names and numbers of companies with which other members have had good experiences. They will also tell you what type of work they have done for other members and what they thought of their prices, whether they were punctual, polite, finished the work on time, etc.

Once the service provider's work is finished, most members share their feedback about their service experience. Their input becomes part of that service provider's rating on Angie's List.

Based on our experience, one of the key benefits that Angie's List has put a lot of emphasis on is to make the site very user-friendly for its members.

Based on our experience, one of the key benefits that Angie's List has put a lot of emphasis on is to make the site very user-friendly for its members. The site is well thought of in the sense that you can easily find what you are looking for.

For people who deem themselves not to be computer savvy, have no fear. The site is really very user-friendly. As long as you can type and click the mouse, you will not have a tough time navigating around the site and maximizing the use of all its features. You will definitely find tremendous value with the information that you will find on Angie's List.

The search process on the site flows smoothly. As an example, we are showing you how you might conduct your own search on the site. Below are sample screenshots of what you will see on the site.

In our example below, we are looking for a house exterior painting contractor within our local area. 


The search results for house exterior painting contractors are shown below. Please note that we blurred out the company names, phone numbers, and websites for this example.


For each of the house exterior painter that comes out in the search results, we can check on their report card chart. In the example below, out of the 8 reports (or customer feedback) for a particular contractor, 88% of their customers gave them a grade of "A".


We can further get more detailed information and ratings report on the contractor. Below is a screenshot.


Below is a sample list of reports on the contractor. Once a member, you will have access to all  these detailed and very useful reports.


Here's a sample report on this house exterior painting contractor.


Here are additional info in the sample report on this house exterior painting contractor.

How Much Does Angie's List Cost?

The cost of membership for Angie's List is very affordable and may vary depending on your location. Generally, you can expect membership subscriptions to be a little bit more in more established locations (larger cities or cosmopolitan areas) compared to less established areas (smaller cities and towns). This is because you will find more available information on service providers in larger cities or cosmopolitan areas than in smaller cities and towns.

How about refunds? You may cancel at any time. Annual memberships are backed by a 110% money back, satisfaction guarantee.

For example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is a more established location for Angie's List, annual membership starts at $40.00. So if you live in a large city or cosmopolitan area, you might expect your membership to be within this price range. Now if you live in an area which is not as highly populated as the big cities, you may expect your annual membership to be relatively cheaper.

Your annual memberships also gives you access to special discounts from highly rated service providers on the site, which I think is a great combination: special discounts + quality service providers = great customer experience.

In addition to the special discounts, you have full access to the great tips and articles they have on the site and you will also receive by mail a monthly Angie's List newsletter/booklet publication full of tips and service provider deals right within your neighborhood. 

For longer term subscriptions, you can sign-up for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and 4 years. As an incentive, you also get special discounts on longer term subscriptions. The longer the subscription, the larger the discount.

There is no additional sign-up fee for annual or longer term subscriptions.

If you opt for monthly billing, membership may start for as low as $5.95 a month (again depending on your location) plus a one-time sign-up fee of $10.00.

How about refunds? You may cancel at any time. Annual memberships are backed by a 110% money back, satisfaction guarantee. There are no refunds for monthly memberships so you are better-off signing-up for an annual membership in order to have a chance for a refund.


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Our Bottom Line Thoughts

A common negative feedback that we have seen about Angie's List is the subscription fee. Some people do not want to fork-out money for the subscription saying that it is "outrageous" to pay just to get reviews on contractors and other services. They say that they would rather look for free reviews elsewhere.

For us, the few dollars that we invest in an Angie's List subscription is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars in mistakes that we can avoid if we ended up hiring the wrong contractor or service provider.

My husband and I watch our finances closely and if we have a project for our home, we want to make sure that our precious dollars are not wasted on hiring the wrong contractors. Do we think a membership subscription to Angie's List is worth it? Of course we do. For us, the few dollars that we invest in an Angie's List subscription is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars in mistakes that we can avoid if we ended up hiring the wrong contractor or service provider. We think that our subscription is also just a drop in the bucket compared to the value and time-savings that the service provides. Furthermore, alternatives to Angie's List (such as the yellow pages, Craigslist, contractor forums, etc.) are still like a roll of the dice you won't know if you will be dealing with scammers or real professionals — that is why we consider Angie's List to be a valuable resource for consumers to help find the best contractors or service providers within your city. 

... alternatives to Angie's List (such as the yellow pages, Craigslist, contractor forums, etc.) are still like a roll of the dice — you won't know if you will be dealing with scammers or real professionals ...

We would rather pay for the convenience of having one-stop access to all the unbiased reviews we can find on services available within our city or neighborhood. We just don't want to waste our time surfing the net looking for free reviews and recommendations on local services. In fact, if you have ever gone that route before, you know how frustrating this can be. It will take you countless numbers of hours going this route, which is not a great use of your time. As you already know, time costs money. By using Angie's List, you can save yourself precious time and save yourself from all the frustrations and aggravation in looking for the right service provider for whatever project(s) you are planning to do.

To summarize, we think Angie's List is worth it and better than free review sites for the following reasons:

(1) You won't find anonymous reviews on the site. Angie's List members submit on average 40,000 reviews each month for all the various service categories;

(2) Customer service ratings and reviews on the site are certified by a third party company to make sure that service providers do not game the system by reporting on themselves and that competitors do not provide false negative reports;

(3) Service providers can respond to reports on them so that you can get the whole story and make better informed decisions;

(4) Angie's List has a complaint resolution team who can help intercede in the event that services provided do not go as expected;

(5) You can get discounts from highly-rated service providers within your area (the savings you get from this alone more than pays for your membership fee); and

(6) You get access to Angie's List award-winning magazine which features a comprehensive library of helpful videos and informative home and property improvement and maintenance tips to keep you informed on contractor and service-related matters.

Some of the most common questions about Angie's List can be found here in case you still have some lingering questions on the service.

So there you have it. We have provided you the reasons why we use Angie's List. Should you join Angie's List? The choice is really up to you.

Gigi S.

PS. Just to get an idea of how many people are using Angie's List these days, here's a real time activity tracking view of what's going on live at Angie's List.

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More Actual Customer Reviews

Below are actual user feedback that we found on Angie's List.

Positive Sittercity Review

"There are so many people out there ready to take advantage of the next poor victim to fall into their trap. I've had and witnessed many of these situations and Angie's List is a great tool to outwit the scammers out there. Sure it costs money, but the fee is well worth it. If I have a problem with a company I can call Angie's List and they'll deal with the problem for me. Every time I call I can talk to an actual person - someone who knows what they're talking about. Angie's List has saved me time, money and effort when all said and done and is worth the money."

»  Lassie,

Positive Sittercity Review

"OMG, I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this, Jewel! I've nothing to add to the great advice you've received but I will add my two cents about Angie's List. I've been a member for a couple of years and I love it. However, I don't rely on AL alone. I also check with BBB and my state's contractor's board - and you should, too. Get a full picture to see if there are any red flags that might not be apparent from an A rating on AL."

»  lisa a, forum

Positive Sittercity Review

"... I just joined Angie's List (with a great coupon!) and I've been reading reviews for different contractors, and for sh*ts and giggles looked up how much a cleaning service might be in my area. It's shockingly affordable ..."

»  meganjane8,

Negative Sittercity Review

"... I am in the same boat. I used Angies list and picked 4 contractors with A ratings. I got 4 completely different opinions and quotes and now I am stuck figuring out what I really need to do ..."

»  XaeroR35, forum

Positive Sittercity Review

"I just had a positive experience with Capital Area Handyman, whom I found on Angie's List and hired to do a nunber of small repairs at my house, including drywall."

»  csp,

Positive Sittercity Review

"I always use Angie's list and I have never been ripped off by anyone from this service. You have to pay a membership fee but it is well worth it."

»  jessica,

Positive Sittercity Review

"We used DJW Roofing last summer. I also found them on Angie's List and they were top rated. The owner, Dan J Witeck, has been in the construction business most all of his life and he is the person who came to give the estimate and the person who you do all the business with. His son is on the crew who actually does the work so it's a family thing. I think they might have been a little more expensive than some of the others but the work is beautiful. They also took a half day longer than expected to finish but that wasn't a problem for me. I'd prefer a little longer than a rush job ..."

»  eriwoo, forum

Positive Sittercity Review

"I think that sites like Yelp tend to draw out the worst comments, no matter what's being reviewed. I'd put more stock in Angie's list. Plus, I recommend them! ;-)"

»  glenfield, forum

Positive Sittercity Review

"I've only used Angie's list once to replace a glass block window in my basement and they did an excellent job for a great price, just like how other users had described ..."

»  a_n_d_y, forum

Read More Actual Angie's List Testimonials

Have you used or are you using Angie's List? Let us know what you think. Contact us at

Some of the service categories that you will find on Angie's List:

Auto Repair | Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repair | Electricians | Doctors | Dentists | Handyman | Hair Salons | Beauty Experts | Tanning Services | Tatoos and Piercing | Fitness Experts and Trainers | Home Improvement | Plumbers | Primary Care | Physicians | Real Estate Agents | Veterinarians and Pet Services | Child Care | Accountants | Acupuncture | Allergy & Immunology | Appliance Repair | Basements | Cabinet Makers | Cardiology | Carpenters | Carpet Cleaning | Catering | Chimney and Fireplace | Chiropractors | Closets | Computer Repair | Contractors | Cosmetic Surgery | Dermatology | Drywall and Doors | Exterior Painters | Financial Planners | Secretaries | Insurance Agents | Tax Consultants | Flooring | Garage and Driveway | General | Home Inspection | Housecleaners | Maid Service | Wedding Planners | Interior Painters | Internal Medicine | Kitchen | Landscaping | Lawn Care | Massage Therapy | OBGYN | Oncology | Pest Control | Plastic Surgery | Psychiatry | Physical Therapists | Roofing | Roofing and Gutters | Snow Plowing | Snow Removal | Travel Agents | Tree Service | Urology | Vein Surgery | Windows Home Security Systems | Movers

Angie's List marks 15 years

In June 2010, Angie's List marked 15 years. Angie's List now number more than 200 cities in all 50 states, 400 employees, 1.4 million service companies, 1.2 million members, and more than 2 million reports.


Angie's List Live: Click On Image Below To See How Busy It Is

Click on the image below to see live what types of services people are searching for and what types of reports are being provided by Angie's List members. You can see that a lot of people are using Angie's List in cities all over the US. It really is very busy.


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Article Contents

1 Ever Heard of Angie's List?

2 What You'll Find On This Online Resource

3 How to Use Angie's List

4 How Much Does Angie's List Cost?

5 Our Bottom Line Thoughts

6 Actual Customer Reviews

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Actual Customer Reviews

Below are actual user feedback that we found on Angie's List.

Positive Sittercity Review

"The air conditioner in the townhouse I recently purchased appeared not to have been serviced for a while. I used Angie’s List to locate a service firm and – because of its service reviews and a nice coupon – I called Air Core for a maintenance agreement that included two service calls in a year - at a very good price ... Air Core lived up to its reviews, doing commendable work for me."

»  Michael S,

Negative Sittercity Review

"I have also used a lot of people from Angie's List, and had so-so results. And the ones that get great ratings tend to become very expensive. It's still a good double-check though."

»  Joannewebx, forum

Positive Sittercity Review

"Like free review sites, consumers submit reviews, whether they pay for the service or not. But Angie’s List has a few layers of checks and balances to make sure those reviews are legit ... Angie’s List only accepts one form of advertising from companies it ranks. Those who consistently get an “A” or “B” rating from consumers can offer coupons ... The reviews customers give are detailed, too. For dermatologists, I could read every customer’s full reviews and read details like how long they waited for an appointment, how the doc handled first time patients, billing policies and the condition of the office and exam rooms. If you don’t have time to read all the reviews, an average grade is listed for each doctor, in everything from office environment to bedside manner. Impressive. I went through the list of doctors reviewed and drew up a list of five possibilities, which I’ll start researching this week. I feel like an empowered consumer, not just someone at the mercy of my primary care doctor’s list of who’s available."

»  Jen S.,

Positive Sittercity Review

"I don't know a good upholsterer, but wanted to step up in defense of Angie's List. I'm an extremely satisfied customer. What you really ought to do is get a one or more year membership. My reading of their site is that the first year would run you $74, or roughly $6/month. Where Angie's List really delivers is in the ever-important arena of "not getting f**ked." If the value of doing business with reputable contractors is less than $74 a year to you then... well... go forth and take your chances. I've used it only about half a dozen times a year since subscribing, but even at that low level of utilization, I feel very strongly that I've gotten my money's worth. I own one house, which I don't even live in myself -- hardly 'renovating 6 houses.'"

»  ipmcc,

Positive Sittercity Review

"Regular price for the yearly membership is $47 (for me in Raleigh/Durham, anyway). When you consider the cost of a bad contractor, who you picked out of the yellow pages eenie-meenie-minie-moe style, and who charges you too much for bad work, $47 per year sounds really, really cheap. I used the list for one big project before, and it went well. I'm about to fork over nearly $20,000 to a contractor for some home improvements. Since they're highly rated on Angie's List, I'm much less worried about the work than I otherwise would be. The problem is that without Angie's List, where do you get unbiased information about contractors? I don't know of any free sites, though someone should start one.."

»  Dec One,

Positive Sittercity Review

"I selected 3 vendors from Angie's List that served my area. All come to the site and rendered estimates. Cañada seemed to offer the best skills and value for the dollar, even though another vendor was $70 less. Cañada also had a raft of A ratings on Angie's List. Owner did the estimate, all his workers were his employees, had work comp coverage, and liability, and provided proof upon request. And, I had a 5% off coupon thanks to Angie's List. They did all the trimming with a squad of about 6-7 guys and were done in about 7 hours, cleaned up and hauled it all away. Good stuff!"


Negative Sittercity Review

"... I've found angie's list is very helpful if you're looking for repairmen or painters for any job that's pretty straightforward, but I had NO luck finding a contractor for a big, somewhat complex gut rehab job ..."

»  cloverstar,

Positive Sittercity Review

"I've been a member of Angie's List for a couple of years. After a plumber broke my new bathroom sink, I went on the list and found a plumber in my area who many people had raved about. I hired him to fix the problem and his men did an excellent job. I will use the list again for my kitchen remodel."

»  katsmah,



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Positive Sittercity Review

"I use Angie's list all the time. The info is much more detailed than what you'll find here. And because you pay to participate, there's less chance that some company got a bunch of usernames and started BSing about how wonderful they are."

»  skaternum,

Positive Sittercity Review

"... these guys did our roof, soffit, facia, gutters, new patio roof, replaced our patio door and painted our trim.... They did a great job, on time and on budget. We had one minor problem with our patio door and they came out and fixed it right away. I found them on which has a small membership fee to find well recommended businesses in your area, but it was well worth it to find this contractor."

»  relllii, forum

Positive Sittercity Review

"One weak aspect of the Angie's List service is amateurs grading professionals. Especially my niche of landscape and tree service near Portland. But one strength that really seems to lend stability is trends in reviews - and homeowners can still be experts about what good customer service is."

»  M.D. Vaden,

Positive Sittercity Review

"Please contact Angies list for a well trained electrician. I hire from Angies list a Cincinnati Based Electrical contractor FREY ELECTRIC SERVICE who completed the install with corrections and passed inspection the first time. The work from FREY ELECTRIC was very professional, neat, clean and completed on time with no problems. I would recommend them for a worry free electrical upgrade to your home."

» user

Positive Sittercity Review

"I know someone who was ripped off by a shady fence contractor so I was careful when it came time to choose a fence company. I found Southland through Angieslist and it deserves it's great reputation. They were prompt, professional, and did everything they said they would. On the preliminary visit, they drew a diagram of the proposed fence and submitted a bid after asking me exactly what I wanted."

»  GretchenA,

Positive Sittercity Review

"I use Angie’s List and I’ll swear by it. It’s completely worth the money you’ll save, and the hassle of finding a reliable service provider. It has a very loyal following and a very detailed rating process. I found my home inspector, my termite inspector, and my hardwood installers all through Angies List. It’s the first place I start looking before calling for estimates. Of course you still want to get references, etc."

»  tom,

Positive Sittercity Review

"We signed up for Angie's List to help us find a contractor to completely gut and remodel our kitchen, and add a half-bath. While actual construction hasn't started yet (waiting for materials to come in), so far every interaction with our choice has been stellar. They even ate most of the upgrade cost when we had to select a new countertop material due to the original one being discontinued (our new selection was a bit more expensive). We never would have even heard of this company without Angie's List."

»  spinturtle,

Negative Sittercity Review

"I've heard a lot of ads for this: You may have to pay to join."

»  Ed R.,

Positive Sittercity Review

"While I initially winced at the membership fee, I went ahead and signed up since I'm a first-time home buyer. While just browsing, you can get alot of good information on the contractors listed, including whether or not they use subcontractors, which take Visa, discounts offered, etc. They even offer a link to that company's page on the BBB website. I've found myself using the list to get a general ballpark price for services. As in "Hey, what would it generally cost to have someone come in and reinsulate my attic?" Whenever I submitted a review, I was able to type in nice, regular case. I've never been spammed or phone-solicited by them either."

»  xena,

Positive Sittercity Review

"Yes, I am a member of Angies list and as a realtor I am constantly asked for referrals; I find it worthwhile and the vendors my clients have used have been good."

»  PhyllisHarb,

Positive Sittercity Review

"...  With Angie's List I do like the fact that contractors (finally) are not asked to pay for their listing while homeowners get a free referral. As it should be, it is the other way around and creates a genuine, qualified lead ..."

»  marketingmaven,



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Positive Sittercity Review

"I've been a member of Angie's List for several years (I too joined right after I had to fire my first horrible contractor for my whole house remodel in MN). The List can be great but I think how well it works depends on which part of the country you live in and the overall general work ethic of your region ... Yes, I still love Angies List and I think it's worth the annual fee, but just realize the different chapters do vary in quality."

»  jenswrens, forum

Positive Sittercity Review

"I've been an Angies List member for years. I highly recommend it. I think it's around $50 per year. Whenever I call a contractor (which happens often with an old house), I make it a point to mention that I found them on Angies List. Seems to get me a quick response from all of them, and sometimes they'll offer you a discount. But more importantly you can quickly see the reviews other customers have written about the contractor."

»  CMC,

Negative Sittercity Review

"I looked in to Angie's List and I was not impressed. They're high profile ads don't impress me either. I think you'll be much better off doing your own leg work and asking around. If you have friends in one of the trades, ask them. Often an Electrician will know a good plumber and vice-versa. I also have had mixed success with the BBB, both as a businessman and a consumer."

»  Bron,

Positive Sittercity Review

"When Angie's List first started in this area a few years ago, I signed up for a free one year membership and found it useful ... It's different than posting for recommendations on a forum like this, as the info is more indepth on Angieslist. Reviewers answer different questions about their experience and it's more than just "hey I recommend this company!". There's usually more detailed info about the person's experience."

»  jill7930,

Positive Sittercity Review

"Angie's List has definitely been worth the money to me. I've been a member for several years and have saved time and money from using companies on the list. The experiences I've had with hiring from the list have been positive. The companies return your calls, come out when they say they will and do quality work. Well worth the small annual fee."

»  Lou,

Negative Sittercity Review

"... At the end of the day, the value of the site like Angie’s List, depends on the quality of the reviews. Since the content is user generated anyways, I don’t see how Angie’s List can claim a higher quality than Yelp reviews. Just because I paid a hefty fee does not incentivize me to actually write a detailed and thoughtful review. In fact, since I paid, I just want to get access to lots of high quality reviews, not worry about writing them."

»  Diwaker G.,

Positive Sittercity Review

"My input. Get lots of estimates and compare them. Angie's List is a great resource to find contractor's. I just had a whole new HVAC system put in my house. I picked the top 6 contractors on Angie's List and got estimates. Picked the one I liked the best and am very satisfied with the work.."

»  Alakar,

Positive Sittercity Review

"Angie's list has been a real gift. Having been thoroughly burned by a window company I really appreciate being able to check out what other people are saying about service providers I am preparing to hire. The monthly fee is a small price to pay for the security I feel in having the list to turn to, and knowing that it isn't skewed by advertising dollars."

»  Elaine,

Positive Sittercity Review

"Why do people think they should get something for free? I have been an Angie's List member for a while and can tell you that the info is well worth the small fee. In fact, I bet I have saved more money from the companies I have found on Angie's List than I have paid in fees. You just can't find this much good info on companies anywhere else. So I guess you can be cheap and take your chances with the big ad in the yellow pages or you can pay a few bucks and get the real scoop before your committed."

»  turtle,

Negative Sittercity Review

"... If the standard is "BUYER BEWARE" anyway, which isn't a bad idea. Why pay for angieslist? Just get your lead on contractors from with Yellowpages, Newspaper, friends & neighbors, craigslist, backpage, bighardhat, etc. and do the due diligence yourself. If you can't handle that than you really ought to hire a GC which basically specializes in managing subcontractors and pay the 20% or whatever extra to get the work done ..."

»  Julie,

Positive Sittercity Review

"Now along comes Angie’s List, what I consider the Amazon book ranking of the service industry ... That’s what Angie’s List does for service companies. What you see there are raw customer opinions about thousands of contractors. Conditioned Air can’t influence the wording, can’t pay to change anything to make us look better. About all any company can do is offer a discount coupon or pay a small amount to be highlighted within their ranking. But if a customer is unhappy with the service they got and gives them a low ranking, it’s there for the world to see."

»  Keith, businessisinthedetailscom

Negative Sittercity Review

"We're looking into having our disgusting carpet finally replaced with hardwood ... I've found a few reviews online, but surprisingly sparse. I've thought about Angie's list, but I'd hate to pay a yearly fee for something I'm going to use once (especially if it proves of little use too). We did have a couple estimates: One was a small flooring firm, and the other was through Sears who quoted us 3x as much, cared only about his commission, and seemed to know very little about flooring."

»  timberwood, forum

Positive Sittercity Review

"I don't know where you got the handyman you choose--personally I have been using Angie's List because when I needed repair people in last few years I was not able to get a personal recommendation from friends--and been happy with those people coming out I can understand perfectly why you were not going to argue with that guy about money alone in your home... "

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Positive Sittercity Review

"I belong to Angie's List and one thing I like about it is folks post what it costs so you can get an idea on pricing before you start shopping bids. I just had a new fence put up in my backyard ..."

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Positive Sittercity Review

"When I was looking for a dentist last month, I went on Angie's List and picked out one with a multitude of positive reviews ...  My wife and I both went to her shortly thereafter for routine checkups and our semiannual cleanings and we couldn't be happier."

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