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How To Find The Right Baby Sitter The Easy Way

By Editor, February 20, 2012

Finding a baby sitter can be a daunting and scary task. You often end up trusting a person that you have met only once or twice with your precious children. You can interview them, you can check their references, but how do you know for sure? How do you know that that glowing reference was really from a former client of theirs and not from their drinking buddy?

Before you can narrow down your search to the right sitter, you need a large enough pool of candidates to start with. You need some type of service, not only to help you find enough candidates so that you can pare it down to the few you need, but to do the initial screening for you. Most people would not try to fix there own brakes, a mistake could just be too costly. Yet every year, thousands of people who are not experienced at screening people and checking references attempt to find a baby sitter all on their own. There is an alternative. The folks at Sittercity will do much of it for you. Go to Sittercity and check out their program.

To get started at Sittercity, you post your job, then you look at the responses. Sittercity recommends you narrow it down to ten at this point. You can now browse through the profiles of the ten people you have selected. Look through the feedback that has been left by their other customers to see if this person might work out for you. Also check their profile to see if a background check has been done on them. If you find that one has not been done,

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you can do a background check on them through LexisNexis for a small fee.

By now you should have narrowed the field down to around five. Your next step is to interview those people. Sittercity does not leave you all on your own here. They will provide you with a list of potential questions to ask each prospect. Simply select the questions from the list that they provide which pertain to your particular situation. Once you have interviewed the candidates that you like the best, you should check their references. Phone or e-mail each one. Whenever possible you should try to telephone as a phone reference will give you additional clues that an e-mail will not. For example if a person is hesitant in responding to a question, it could be a sign of a potential problem.

Hiring sitters over the summer presents special problems. Will your sitter go on vacation just at the moment you need her most? How will your sitter keep the kids from getting bored during the summer?

There is a page on the Sittercity site dedicated exclusively to tips on how to plan for a sitter over the summer vacation period. There is a page on the site that lets you find nannies. A nanny may have: specialized training such as CPR and First Aid, a track record with children of specific age groups, other useful skills such as cleaning and cooking. Whether you are looking for a nanny or a baby sitter, the more complete you make your posting, the better chance that you will get appropriate matches. Are you looking for some one to help your children with your home work? Be sure to include that fact. Do you need some one with a flexible schedule? Try to list all the usual permutations in your schedule.

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Do you need some one to help you with an older adult rather than a child? Sittercity can help you here too. People are available who are used to dealing with older adults, and the ailments they may have such as Alzheimer's and dementia. If you need some willing to bath seniors, or some one with a nursing silence, Sittercity also has people who can do that. Senior citizen services available range from rehab help to hospice care.

Need a baby sitter for you pet? Sittercity has participants available to provide dog walking, drop by services, off premises day care, training, grooming and overnight stays.

Do you need a housekeeper instead? Sittercity has people who do carpet cleaning, laundry, tile cleaning and who clean walls and windows.

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Free Trial Search on Sittercity

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